AF-1022 Replacement Filter Kit for 6 Stage RO system

AF-1022 Filter Kit is replacement filters for Anchor AF-5004 6-Stage 50/100 GPD Reverse Osmosis Systems.


 Stage 1 - 5 micron polypropylene sediment pre-filter - extracts suspended materials such as sediment, rust, insects, and other particles down to 5 micron. (Replace every 6-8 months)

 Stage 2  - Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) - removes chlorine, hundreds of contaminants/chemicals, and unpleasant taste and odor from water, and reduces hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).

• Stage 3 - 5 Micron NSF-Certified Activated Carbon Block - High purity coconut shell activated carbon block filter reduces sediments, taste, odor, color, SOCs(soluble organic compounds) like pesticides, dioxins, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like chloroform and petrochemicals.

 Stage 4 - High quality NSF-Certified Reverse Osmosis Membrane - removes 96% to 99% contaminants that might be present in water.  These can include lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, selenium and bacteria

 Stage 5 - Inline GAC filter - removes dissolved gases, bad taste and odor from product water. (Replace every 1-2 years)

 Stage 6 - Alkaline Filter - balances and maintain the pH level, removes impurities, hydrates body faster. This filter cartridge contains 5 layers - Mineral Stone, Amethyst Stone, Bio Far Infrared Media, Alkaline Stone, and Energy Media, and is the final polishing stage before consumption. 

Age of the filters depends on GPD consumed and quality of feed water. 

High quality NSF/FDA approved component

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