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Select from a wide range of water filters

We believe healthy living starts at home and every person deserves access to clean healthy water. And that is why, at Anchor, we have Water filtration systems that gives you the best quality water at the most affordable price and for household of any size.

Drink Healthy. Stay Healthy.TM

Countertop Water Filters

A unique style with a striking design

Shop Countertop FiltersShop Filters with LCD Display

Best Filter for Condos/Apartments

Slim, Portable, Compact Design. Easy installation. The attractively designed unit sits right on your kitchen countertop, attaches to faucet, and completes the filtration process - dispense the water you need right away and enjoy its refreshing taste.

Countertop Filters

Purest Drinking Water

With the most effective and rigorous filtration method, get water as pure as possible. Select from our range of Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Clean Water For Whole House

Enjoy softer skin and hair, cleaner laundry, free of the drying effects of chemicals. Select from our Whole House Filtration Systems to have clean water in every faucet of your home.

Whole House Filters

Affordable Under Sink

Undercounter filters sit underneath the sink without interfering with the decor of your kitchen.



What our Customers are Saying...

Great Filter System! We are very happy with our whole house filtration system. We recently installed it as part of our kitchen renovation and within hours of installation noticed our drinking water to be significantly clearer and better tasting. We have suffered with iron bacteria in our water for a long time. This system has changed that immediately.


Consistent! Good as usual. I have A LOT of iron in my well water and have had to change the sediment filter every month, so your prompt shipping is really helpful.


Great filter and wonderful company! The filter is excellent and it produces clean, clear water that is absolutely tasteless (which, of course, is a good thing). The company is great, too. I order online, take care of payment (which is less than Amazon), and within a week I have my filter. Easy to install and get 3 months of clean water.