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Anchor Trademarks & Copyright

Authorized Use of Anchor USA copyrighted material

Unless specifically authorized in writing to do so, do not use, copy, modify or distribute material in which Anchor USA claims a copyright.

Authorized Use of Anchor USA trademarks

Trademarks used by Anchor USA (“Anchor USA Trademarks”)
Trademarks followed by ® are registered trademarks and marks followed by ™ are trademarks or common law marks in the United States. List of is a current (as of March 2024) trademarks used by Anchor USA:
  • Anchor Water Filters ®
  • Anchor USA™
  • Drink Healthy. Stay Healthy.
  • Cleaner • Safer • Healthier • Refreshing Water
Use should be limited to text-only references to Anchor USA trademarks, and exclude any logos. Such references must not mislead the public as to the exact nature of the relationship between Anchor USA and You, or Your company’s products or services.

Only Anchor USA and its authorized resellers and licensees may use the Anchor USA logo in advertising, promotional, and sales materials. Such authorized parties may use the Anchor USA logo only as specified in their agreement with Anchor USA.

For example and without limitation, do not:
  • Alter an Anchor USA trademark and logo
  • Create a logo including an Anchor USA product name or and Anchor USA trademark
  • Incorporate an Anchor USA product name or an Anchor USA trademark into the root domain of a web site
  • Connect Your company’s name with Anchor USA product names or Anchor USA trademarks
  • Misspell Anchor USA trademarks
For specific authorizations to use Anchor USA copyrighted materials or Anchor USA trademarks, send your request to: