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Install and save from RO System!

by Anchor Water Filters |

Are you one who drinks bottled drinking water? Do you know what the drinking water contains? Look closely at the label of these bottles for description. These bottled drinking water have your regular tap/well water filtered by Reverse Osmosis (RO)[1] to which minerals are added later to improve taste.

You'll say - okay, so, what's the problem. There are 2 problems with these bottles:

  1. Cost of water
  2. Plastic pollution created from the empty bottles

If you are one of those people who drink bottled water, you:

  • pay approximately $0.75 per gallon* for water as compared to $0.048 per gallon** from RO filters
  • and also create 1320 plastic bottle pollution a year***!

And if you have a bigger family these numbers will only multiply! 

Why pay a premium for bottled water when you can get the same water at much lesser cost by setting up a water filtration system at your home that does exactly the same - filters water through reverse osmosis system and adds minerals.

Water from this system initially cost less than $0.033 per gallon, and after about 6 months even less - $0.015 per gallon (if used to its full capacity, i.e. 50 gallons a day). And even if you use less than 1/10th the filter's capacity (5 gallons a day), you pay less than 1/4th of what you pay for bottled water. As simple as that.

Save your hard earned money and also save the earth from plastic pollution by installing Reverse Osmosis System

If you like numbers, we have done some more Math for you to understand this better

Let's see how much bottled water costs:

A pack* of bottled drinking water has 5.28 gallons
and costs $3.98
which means, you pay $3.98 / 5.28 = $0.75 per gallon
Number of packs needed in a year and cost:
It is recommended to drink at least half a gallon (0.5) of water everyday.
=> 365 x 0.5 = 182 gallons of water
=> 182 / 5.28 = 33 packs of bottled water,
for a cost of: 33 x $3.98 = $131.34 (+ CRV if applicable)
For a family of 2, this becomes = $131.34 x 2 = $262.68 per year
- and this is only if you drank the bottled water and not use in cooking.

Let's compare this with the cost of RO system:

RO systems cost between $200 - $350. 
Let's take a lower capacity (50 gallons per day) RO system that adds minerals - it costs: $300
This system can give: 50 gallons x 182 days (6 months) = 9100 gallons
=> cost of 1 gallon: $300 / 9100 gallons < $0.033
If you use only 5 gallons a day, cost per gallon: $300 / 1825 gallons < $0.16
Since the above cost includes initial setup cost also, let's check cost of water then on every six months: replacement filters will cost: $130. 
=> $130 / 9100 gallons < $0.071 for 1 gallon
This is less than 1/10th of what you are paying right now even with more water usage!

Save your hard earned money and also save the earth from plastic pollution by installing Reverse Osmosis System

* Cost of cheapest bottled drinking water in the market today is $0.75 per gallon
** Sum of $0.033 per gallon for first 6 months and $0.015 per gallon for subsequent 6 months
*** 40 bottles per pack x 33 packs a year = 1320 bottles


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