AF-5005 - Ultra 6-Stage Alkaline Mineral Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Filter - 100GPD

Getting the latest innovations in water filtration technology in your home doesn’t have to mean paying to completely remodel the kitchen. The Anchor AF-5005 - Remineralization 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter makes removing sediment, dangerous chemicals, dissolved gasses and other impurities from your water using five-stage reverse osmosis process a simple task. The sixth stage adds healthy minerals to the filtered water. The system comes with everything needed for installation, and you can get the process done without having to replace your entire sink or make major modifications to your plumbing.

To ensure top performance, the set is made only from NSF and FDA-approved components. Plus, each one is individually wet tested after production and then fully sanitized, so you can be certain you’re getting a truly reliable water filtration solution to improve the clarity, purity, safety, taste and smell of your water for drinking and cooking.

Why should water from Reverse Osmosis be remineralized?

RO is not selective process and if your feed water was low in calcium and magnesium compare to sodium, the filtered water will have very low concentration of calcium and magnesium.

Low mineralized water have few adverse effects like high corrosion potential, dietary deficiency causing risks of heart and other diseases. The WHO recommends 10 mg/L of Magnesium and 30 mg/L of Calcium for drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Stages

 Stage 1 - 5 micron polypropylene sediment pre-filter - extracts suspended materials such as sediment, rust, insects, and other particles down to 5 micron. (Replace every 6-8 months)

 Stage 2  - Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) - removes chlorine, hundreds of contaminants/chemicals, and unpleasant taste and odor from water, and reduces hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).

• Stage 3 - 5 Micron Carbon Block - High purity coconut shell activated carbon block filter reduces sediments, taste, odor, color, SOCs (soluble organic compounds) like pesticides, dioxins, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like chloroform and petrochemicals.

 Stage 4 - High quality NSF-Certified Reverse Osmosis Membrane - removes 96% to 99% contaminants that might be present in water.  These can include lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, selenium and bacteria

 Stage 5 - Inline GAC filter - removes dissolved gases, bad taste and odor from product water. This is the final polishing stage before consumption. (Replace every 1-2 years)

 Stage 6 - Alkaline Filter - balances and maintains the pH level, removes impurities, hydrates body faster.  

    Each RO system comes complete, ready to install, and with the following installation kit: Purification unit, Tank, Faucet, Wrench, Teflon tape and Manual.

    Age of the filters depends on GPD consumed and quality of feed water. 


    • High quality NSF/FDA approved components
    • Premium quality parts
    • Colored tubing
    • Fully assembled, easy installation kit
    • Quick-connect fittings
    • 100 Gallons per Day
    • 3.2 gallon storage tank

    Replacement Parts


    Download Manual

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