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NSF RO Steel Tank - 3.2 Gallon Storage Capacity

Model#: AF-7009-22

$ 55.99
Q & A

The RO pressure storage steel tank, made by one of the world’s largest pressure tank manufactures, offers the best of the industry’s best for reverse osmosis water storage.

The tank capacity is 3.2 gallons. It is listed NSF 61 and 58, and are IAMPO and CE Mark approved.

The metal shell of the diaphragm expansion tank ensures stable water outflow, eliminates air pressure loss, and offers greater pressure resistance than plastic. Together, the diaphragm and the pre-pressurized air cushion protect the pump and extend its long-term performance. The high-grade butyl diaphragm post-cure procedure ensures a tasteless and odorless water chamber, and the stainless steel connections allow stable delivery and constant water flow while eliminating leaching. A brass cap with an internal O-ring guarantees an airtight system and protects the diaphragm.

NSF RO Steel Tank - 3.2 Gallon Storage Capacity

$ 55.99


Ask a Question
  • What are the outside dimensions of this tank?

    It is 14.6 inches in height and 9.8 inches in diameter. The tank storage capacity is 2.2G and volume is 3.2G.

    For reference, dimensions of storage tank that comes with 5 & 6 stage ROs is 14.7 inches in height and 11.2 inches in diameter, with 3.2G storage capacity & 4.4G volume.