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AF-6003 - 3-Stage Dual Carbon Whole House Water Filter

Model#: AF-6003

$ 399.99
Q & A

Anchor AF-6003 - 3 Stage Dual Carbon Whole House Filter features 1 sediment filter and 2 carbon block filter cartridges. The 2 carbon briquettes double up on filtering out heavy chlorine and organic matter. The triple stage design ensures best results to give you the cleanest water from every faucet of your home or building. The system filters water at the point-of-entry to the house with zero wasted water.

With Anchor water filters there are no more unpleasant odors and chlorine taste, just clean refreshing water. Enjoy the convenience of clean, refreshing water and reduce your exposure to health affecting contaminants. Also enjoy softer skin & hair, free from drying effects of chlorine. 

All of the Anchor water filters feature National Safety Foundation (NSF) certified filter media.


  • Point of Entry (POE) or Point of Use (POU) filtration system with 3 large 20-inch filter cartridges for high flow applications.
  • Stage 1 - 20 inch 5-micron polypropylene sediment pre-filter that removes sediment, silt, sand and dirt, and extends life of other more expensive cartridges.
  • Stage 2 & 3 – 20 in. 5-micron carbon block cartridges removes sediments, bad taste, odor, color, SOCs (synthetic organic compounds) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) heavy chlorine and its byproducts such as THM and TCE, and many other contaminants from the drinking water.
  • The carbon block filter cartridge is made from coconut shell carbon that reduces compounds that contribute to bad taste and odor and creates sweeter tasting water.
  • The 20 in. heavy duty filter housings made from highest quality NSF-certified FDA-grade durable polypropylene can withstand a wide range of variations in water pressure and have a long service life.
  • High chemical absorption capacity
  • No channeling and pressure drops
  • Pressure relief button on each housing


  • Model Number: AF-6003
  • Fitting size: 1-inch
  • Product Weight: 52lb
  • Flow Rate: 15 gpm (gallons per minute)
  • Capacity Estimate: 100,000 gallons
  • Max Pressure: 90 psi
  • Temperature Rating: 40-100F
  • Dimensions: 24.25"L x 7.75"W x 27.5"H
  • In the box: Assembled Filter system with filters, steel mounting bracket, housing wrench, instruction manual.

Replacement Filters

AF-1501 Anchor Sediment Cartridge

AF-1500 Carbon Block Replacement Filter


Download Instructions & Setup Guide

AF-6003 - 3-Stage Dual Carbon Whole House Water Filter

$ 399.99


Ask a Question
  • We have a lot of iron & Zinc in our water. It stains the toilets & sinks. We are currently using a whole house three filter system. First is sediment filter, second activated charcoal & the third is KDF. We have to change them every 2-3 months. Are there better filters to use or a better system you would recommend?

    AF-6003 is not right for iron and zinc removal. Better system is AF-6002:

    The service time for the different cartridges is:

    Filter Name Filter Life
    Sediment Filter Cartridge 6-8 months
    KDF + GAC Filter Cartridge 1 year
    Carbon Block Filter Cartridge 6-8 months

    Please write to for more information.